Hello fellow Bloggers!

Khim Sophanna

At Germany Unity Day, Hotel Le Royal, 12.10.2010

Hello Everyone!

My name is Khim Sophanna. I am Cambodian, living and working in Cambodia. I have created this blog with the name of trustbuilding since trust is a very important core value of human being. In social sciences term, trust means: reliance on another person or entity. Trust is lacking very much in many groups, communities and societies, especially in our modern Cambodia. We have to do something to build more trust among ourselves, between friends or colleagues, in the family, between brothers and sisters, husband and wife, children and parents, between members in one communities, between organizations, between governments, nations and states etc.

Trust is very important in interpersonal relationship. Without trust human being could not engage with each other in a positive way. Without trust people could even not work together.

However, you will find in this blog not only articles relating to trustbuilding. I will write many things what came into my mind: my life experiences, my opinion concerning important issues, my field trip reports, environment and natural resorts, my family, my work, etc. I hope that you will not be disappointed after visiting my blog. I do sincerly appology for unintended mistakes and/or misspelling. My English is a little bit far from London, but I hope that you could understand what I mean.

Good luck to you ALL!

I strongly hope that we can do something to change it and help building more trust in our society. Thank you.

Khim Sophanna (Mr.)


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