Thmar Roung: A Natural Resort

Thmar Roung

Thmar Roung-Nice view

On Sunday, November 14, 2010, I and my family were travelling to Thmar Roung natural resort, one of the local tourist destinations. It is located in Kampong Seila district, Preah Sihanouk province. We traveled from Phnom Penh at around 8:00 am, along the national road # 4; to the southwest direction. Around 115 km from the city, then we turned right using the latrine road. It is 7 km from the national road and we could reach the resort hidden in “forest protected area“, managed by a forestry community. According to the local population, this place was discovered around ten years ago and people started to come and visit this natural resort in 2004-2005. On both sides of the road there are some residential houses and farms, sometime cultivated and some time just fence. We arrived there safely at 10:30 am.

Thmar Roung

Down stream area

We passed by the bamboo ticketing counter by paying 4.000 Riel entry fee. It was really our first time to come to this area. We heard a lot of it from friends and through reading feature articles in the popular magazines. In this season there is still plenty of water, flowing along the (volcano remaining) rocks, which produced very pleasant scenery. Trees are growing along the stream. Just, on the other side of the stream, it is a mountain.  One could imagine that during the rainy season there could be more water and strong current and people hardly could pass it.

Thmar Roung

Kiosks on the river bank

We hired one kiosk to sit together. It costs 10.000 Riel or 2.5 USD. We were offered varieties of food by the seller: roasted chicken, Cambodian curry or soup, fried fish, etc. The price is reasonable for a place (natural resort) like this. For example, one chicken costs 30,000 Riel or 7.5 USD. In Phnom Penh, it would cost 20,000 Riel. We ordered two roasted chickens and it was very tasty. To be on the safe side, we asked for the price and negotiated with the seller first. There were many people visiting on that Sunday.

Before lunch, we took the opportunity to sit on the rocks and “played” with the flowing water. My sons and their friends were making video clips and pictures via mobile phone. They are lovely and very nice pictures, indeed. After eating lunch and a short break we went to play with the cool water again until 3 pm. We returned to Phnom Penh at 3:30 pm and arrived in Phnom Penh around 6 pm, with joyful memory. We could only recommend friends and other people to visit to relax after the busy and stressful week in a crowded city like Phnom Penh.

For me/us, some reasons why to visit Thmar Roung:

– Newly organized resort, since 2004-5

Clean and fresh water with orderly natural surroundings

– Protected area, organized and supervised by a forestry community

– It is not very far away from Phnom Penh (about 120km from Phnom Penh)

– Price for food and beverage are reasonable

– Relaxed atmosphere and last, but not least

– Road connection is very good

Thmar Roung

It looks relaxing and refreshing....

By the way, the visits of (local) tourists and the money spent there could help to accelerate the local economic growth and bring some benefits/jobs for the local people.


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  1. I once have been at Thmar Roung resort with my family. There I saw people eating roasted turtle the other group eating stir fried deer that they had order from the community kitchen nearby. So I would like to ask the community people there, how to get the turtle and meat to cook for the guests? instead, they should protect the community wild life. They should raise the chickens, pigs ect. At the chicken I saw meat of the wild like animal. Do the forest ranger there know about that?
    At the end I hope my next visit I will not see those meat from wild life animal again.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

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