Koh Pich : 2 Two Weeks After

Strassenszene in Phnom Penh eigene Aufnahme

Image via Wikipedia

Koh Pich is still on the headlines in the media landscape of Cambodia and the popular social network such as facebook, both positive and negative. From my point of view, it could be summarized as below:


–          Normal life has returned step by step to Koh Pich area, though it is much quieter that before the deadliest incident on 22 November 2010

–          Prime Minister organized a banquet to honor the delegates and dignitaries of the 6. International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), which was held on 2 December. ICAPP’s conference took place in Phnom Penh from 1-4 December, where more than 100 Delegates from more than 100 political parties of around 40 nations in Asia and Pacific joined this special event

–          According to the official announcement by the PM, the Pich Bridge will not be demolished or abandoned, but will be open for normal use. More bridges connecting the mainland and the island needed to be built to ease the traffic

–          Donations were handed over to victims’ family directly

–          Construction is going on the island’s side


–          Two more people die due to badly injured. It makes the death toll up to 352

–          More than 80 injured people still be treated in main hospitals in Phnom Penh, some of them are in very serious conditions

–          It is the wedding season, but many were canceled from Koh Pich and they go back to Mondial Center; one of the popular wedding ceremonies’ center in Phnom Penh

–          Quiet atmosphere in memorial, sad mood

 Currently, Koh Pich stills a visit destination for many people from Phnom Penh and the countryside, both local and foreigners. People would like to see with their own eyes the “killings bridge”. Most could not really understand the fact why so many people were killed and injured instantly in a short period of time? The most tragic tragedy happened to one family. 6 people were killed, including his beloved wife, three children and his two nieces. The man is left alone on this unbelievable world.


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