FAO Regional Workshop on Analysis of Sustainable Water Resource Use

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FAO Regional Workshop

Participants from different countries joining the workshop on 21-22.12.10

From 21-22 December 2010, in my capacity as CEDAC Senior Program Officer, I attended the regional workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop is organized by FAO in the framework of a Japanese government‘s funded project to study on the analysis of the sustainable water resource use in the Asia Pacific region.

 Representatives from four partners countries of the project (Vietnam, China, Malaysia and Thailand) and from other national, regional and international organizations such as Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), ESCAP, IUCN, ICID, ASRWG, USAID, AusAID, GWP, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), THAICID and CEDAC were invited to join this regional workshop. 45 participants, of whom 17 were female, were present.

Group discussion

Group discussion with friends from Korea, Vietnam, Australia and Malaysia

 The workshop aimed to collectively define the roadmap till the end of the above mentioned project, such as:

–          Improving information flows

–          Centers of Excellence

–          Knowledge network

–          Partnerships and

–          Next steps


Khim Sophanna presented on the Irrigation Service Center

 There were more than twenty presentations from the partner’s countries and inviting organizations focusing on sustainable water resource use. Mr. Khim Sophanna presented the works of CEDAC which are relating to the themes of the project: Irrigation Service Center, on-farm water harvesting and system of rice intensification (SRI) in practice.

 At the end of the workshop, CEDAC and Cambodia were welcomed to be a new partner of the project by FAO. My objective to join the workshop was met. Last year, in February and also in Bangkok, I did also attend a regional conference organized by FAO/ADB and IWMI on irrigation issues in Asia. The output of the workshop was a book “Revitalizing Irrigation in Asia”.


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