Thank You

I started to have this blog with the name of “trustbuilding” on 4. November 2010. My intention was to write everything which comes into my mind, plus some articles relating to the field trips, project activities, associations ‘life, social capital‘s stories etc. Since then, 354 visitors have clicked to visit my blog. However, I started to set the program and display the visitor’s record since December 3, 2010. The busiest day was November 25, 2010. On that day 34 visitors were recorded. The popular posts were the stories relating to the tragic incidents/stampede in Koh Pich, which led to 353 deaths and around 390 injured on 22.11.10.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who visited my blog. I hope that some of the articles could provide you some benefits or information/fact/opinion you searched for. Deeply apology for any unintentional mistakes or shortcomings or even different opinions between us, which could make you upset etc.

In 2011, I will commit to write two articles per week to post on this blog. Many things come to my mind, which I would like to write, including my personal life and what is happening in our society. I am still learning with blog’s tools to improve the setting and appearance, so that my blog could be improved step by step.

I wish you all Happiness, Success in Work and Life and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2011.     

Khim Sophanna


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