CEDAC General Assembly in 2010

CEDAC staffs during the general assembly-morning session

On Thursday, 30 December 2010, around 200 staff of CEDAC (55 are women) spent one whole day together at the Cambodian-Japanese Cooperation Center (known as CJCC) to meet, discuss, reflect and share. Among the participants, 10 are leaders of farmer’s associations and long term partnes of CEDAC. The objectives of the meeting are as follow:

– To present and discuss on achievements in 2010

– To brainstorm on lessons learnt from 2010

– To collectively plan in 2011 and set the vision beyond 2011

– To elect the best staff of the year and to celebrate new year 2011 together

 Participants gathered since 7:30 am for registration. During the registration, the copy of the achievements in 2010 in summarized form and CEDAC 2011 calendar were distributed. The meeting was opened at 8:15am by welcoming remarks of Mr. Uon Sophal, Chairman of Farmer and Nature Net (FNN) and board member of CEDAC; Mr. Sim Samoeun, CEDAC Executive Director and Dr. Yang Saing Koma, President of CEDAC. It was moderated by Miss Kong Sina, Assistant to Mr. Sim Samoeun.

 Dr. Yang Saing Koma made the welcome remarks by greeting all participants and mentioning the following points:

– Brief background of CEDAC since 1997 and the support from GRET at the early stages

– Seven founding members of CEDAC and the current status

– Vision of CEDAC at the beginning and where we are now concerning strategic thinking and strategic partners

– Baphnom district in Prey Veng province as starting points for many ideas, action researches and projects of CEDAC

– Successes and failures of CEDAC in the past years

– CEDAC works provided benefits to around 100,000 beneficiaries/farmers in 20 provinces throughout Cambodia

– Old and new development partners, including government, IOs, NGOs and private donors

– CEDAC Social Enterprise known as Sahakreas CEDAC

– Farmer and Nature Net, a network of more than 1,000 community based farmers organizations across Cambodia

– Publication works, including the famous and monthly Farmer Magazine and all technical books and leaflets on agriculture and rural development

 After the welcoming remarks done by Dr. Koma following presentations were made by:

  • Mr. Sim Samoeun, Executive Director, on main achievements in 2010
  • Mr. Lang Seng Horng, General Manager of Sahakreas CEDAC, on similar issues
  • Mr. Pan Sopheap, FNN Executive Director, progress report

 The session was moderated by Mr. Or Thy, CEDAC Program Advisor and Senior Trainer. Additional comments and short presentations were delivered by Mrs. Khuon Sey, FNN; Mr. Tath Sok, SorSor; Mr. Kin Meng Se, Research department; Mr. Lim Sokundarun, CBSP; Mr. Khin Daravuth, Bio-gas department and Mr. Y Narun, CEDAC farm manager in Battambang. Mrs. Hay Leakhena, Manager of the CEDAC Credit Cooperative (CCC), made a short presentation on the progress of CCC which was founded officially in 2004 and has currently 230 members. The idea of saving was initiated by the founder of CEDAC since 1997, by keeping 2% of the staff salary for saving purpose. CCC has now around 400,000 USD saving capital.

Staffs reading written cards

In the afternoon session, more time was allocated for Dr. Koma to facilitate on the achievements in 2010, critically thinking of the lessons learnt in the past and visioning for 2011 and beyond using Meta plan methods. All the written cards are stickled to the wall for viewing. At the end of his session following recommendations were made:

  1. Learn to manage cash flow properly
  2. Conduct Regular meeting and reflection in team
  3. Concentrate in your work and help each other
  4. Records all the findings made by yourself or cooperating farmers and publish it in CEDAC farmer magazine

Then it comes to the joyful session of voting to select three Staff of the Year. The candidates were first proposed by each department. Nine candidates were pre-selected. Three will win the price by votes. Each staff could vote for three candidates, including one woman. This session was facilitated by Mr. Ouch Ngak, Human Resource Manager.

 Staffs of the year were elected as follow:

  1. Miss Pheng Chandy receiving first price
  2. Miss Khieu Chanthou receiving second price
  3. Mr. Him Noeun receiving third price

CCC members are looking at the progress of their saving capital

 The closing session was moderated by Mr. Khim Sophanna with the closing remarks done by Dr. Yang Saing Koma. Short impressions were delivered by Mrs. Chey Siyat, Miss Pheng Chandy and one staff. The General Assembly came to an end at 17:30 pm, followed by simple dinner and drinks at CEDAC HQ until around 8pm.

It is important to note that all CEDAC staff have opportunity to meet every three month in the assembly like this. Some staffs are travelling from Ratanakiri or Mondulkiri, which are the most remote provinces of Cambodia. Every two years, the President, the Executive Director, the 9 members CEDAC steering Committee and other important organs are elected by its staff members.


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