Diary – Useful Tool to Get Our Living Days Organized

There are many ways to get our works and days organized. I like to have diary. Personally, I like recording and keep documents as reference. I have kept my professional diaries since I started to work for the foundation in 1996 and CEDAC in 1997. I have kept many important documents for years. During my student’s time I have used notebooks and diary too to record my daily program. But, those documents are mainly lost.

My professional diaries since 1996

Diary helps me a lot to:

  • Jot down what I want to accomplish within one day, one week, one month etc
  • Jot down To-Do-List and record it when it comes to my mind
  • Record appointments and reminders of important Days of family members/friends
  • Record people I met and short impression afterwards
  • Record the works done and my impression on it
  • Records detail expenses per day
  • Record number of days/weeks I do physical exercises, how many km I have walked and jogged or how many rounds I swam etc. I like also to record when I woke up and until when have done it
  • Record physical conditions such as blood pressure or weight
  • Record what time I come to the office and what time I go back home
  • Record traveling days and where to stay overnight, in which hotel and how it looks like
  • Records numbers of days I consume alcoholic drinks/beer in comparison to my set objective of the year

 Some benefits of using Diary:

  • Get works and leisure organized
  • Have plan to follow and feel good after works get done as indicated in the plan
  • Have reference to refer to in case of need
  • Keep my memory on track
  • Feel good and refresh my memory when reading back what was written years before
  • Refreshing and improving my writing skills
  • Some time diary could help to reduce conflicts as well since we have evidence to refer to

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