Sek Sork Battambang: Another Natural Resort

Battambang is a province located in northwestern Cambodia. The distance from Phnom Penh to the provincial town is about 290 kilometers. This province is not only rich in soil fertility, which is good for rice cultivation and other agricultural production; it has also many natural resorts, waterfalls and cultural heritages across province.

Sek Sork resort at a Glance

 Sek Sork is a name of a natural resource, which is located in Phlov Meas commune, Ratanak Mondul district. People can go there via recently rehabilitated national road # 57, from Battambang in the direction to Pailin, about 45 km. When one reaches the cross-road at Pcheav village/Samlot, then turn left on a good maintained road for about 7 km and turn left. There is a signboard giving direction for visitors. According to the local knowledge, Sek Sork derived from the word “Sek Sor Kor in Khmer or Parrot with white neck” . But, it has been changed after time to just Sek Sork.

Sek Sork-mixture of volcano rocks, water and forest surroundings

 The resort was a natural resort, well-known even before the war (1970-75) via a famous song of our famous singer, Sin Sisamouth. The river is flowing across this area, which creates a fascinating view and relaxed atmosphere. The river has water year around. But, the flow is stronger in the rainy season, and it is weaker in the dry season. I and my family went to visit this resort for the first time in 2002. Since then, we keep going to visit this place again and again. We can take a bath in the cool water, relax, and have a nice view of surrounding areas. There are always people coming and visiting this resort during weekends.

Sek Sork park

The resort is very popular during Khmer New Year and other festivals. It is developed and maintained by a private company and visitors need to pay entry (2,000 Riel or 0.50 USD/person) and parking fee (5,000 Riel). Kiosks are also available for rent.


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