Water Working Group Meeting

On 22 January 2011, the bi-monthly meeting of the Water Working Group was organized at CEDAC HQ. The members of the group are Mr. Khim Sophanna, Senior Program Advisor; Mr. Seng Sophak, Institutional Development Specialist; Mr. Lang Chanthea, Project Officer and Mr. Y Kadum, Project Coordinator. The agenda of the meeting was as following:

  1. Hot news
  2. Review of the minutes of our last meeting in November 27, 2010 and what has been done, reflection
  3. Presentation and discussion on the study tour of Mr. Seng Sophak to Mali (October 2010)
  4. WWG Action Plan 2011 and beyond
  5. Other matters


Members of the water working group during the meeting

The main aims of the meeting are to follow-up the activities implemented since the last meeting on 27 November 2010, to reflect on the results obtained in comparison to the strategic plan 2008-2011, to share the information and lessons learnt from the study tour trip in October 2010 to Mali by Mr. Seng Sophak and to brainstorm of WWG action plan for 2011 and beyond.

 Main outcomes of the meeting are:

– Formalizing the Farmer and Water Net

– Finalizing the Inventory of Irrigation Scheme in Cambodia

– Improving public relations with donors and other stakeholders

– One representative of the group should join the regular meeting of the CEDAC Field Program and report of WWG’s activities

Pilot project on Multi-purpose FWUC (Irrigation, rice, vegetables, fish etc)

– Writing more case studies of CEDAC’s supported irrigation projects

– More presence in the Farmer Magazine and websites

– Producing technical documents and capitalizations papers on FWUC’s support experiences for widely sharing

– Organize bi-monthly meeting on a regular basis

– Creating email group for WWG

– Using more IT tools to promote our works etc.

 It is important to note that WWG’s members have more than ten years’ experiences in working with the Farmers Water User Communities and irrigations sector in Cambodia. There are more than 2,500 irrigations schemes identified, 350 FWUCs registered in this country. A lot of efforts will be needed so that “social capital” could be build in this sector.


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