Workshop on Climate Change and Cambodian Agriculture

Participants during the climate change workshop

On 29-30 January 2011, around 30 Journalists (13 females) from 17 media organizations joined a two days workshop in Sihanoukville. The workshop was co-organized by CEDAC, Press Saving Association of Cambodia and the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), with the financial supported from FNF and the contribution from participants.

The main aims of the workshop were:

  • To provide opportunity for PSAC’s members to discuss on the progress, the SWOT and the vision of their saving association
  • To provide opportunity for Journalists to learn more and better understand on the climate change and its impacts on Cambodian Agriculture, CEDAC’s approaches to tackle these challenges and
  • To strengthen the informal network among journalists and rural development professionals

PSAC has been initiated on January 10, 2010 by 12 founding members. The starting capital at that time was 115 USD. Currently, it has 56 members, among whom 18 are female. The saving capital has been increased to more than 9,000 USD. The vision of PSAC is that in 2015, 200,000 USD will be generated as saving capital and the members will be increased to around 200 from all media spectrum. This could be only achieved since there is more trust build among the members and the managing committee of PSAC.

Concerning climate change and its impacts on Cambodian agriculture there were three presentations:

  1. Climate change and how CEDAC is responding to its challenges, by Mr. Yi Kim Than, Director of CEDAC Field Program
  2. Bio-digester Program, by Mr. Khin Daravuth, Coordinator of CEDAC Bio-digester Program
  3. Climate change and Sustainable Water Resource Use, by Dr. Yang Saing Koma, CEDAC President

It is important to note that, CEDAC, in cooperation with FNF has organized several workshops with representatives from the media as below: 

  1. 18-19 July 2009 at Kirirom resort: Role of Journalists in Local Development
  2. 12-13 December 2009 at Pic Nic resort: Leadership
  3. 10 January 2010 at CEDAC HQ in Phnom Penh: Vision and Principle of Creating Press Saving Associations
  4. 3-4 July 2010 at Golden Sand hotel, Sihanoukville: Rural Youth and Local Development
  5. 29-30 January 2011 at Seaside Hotel, Sihanoukville: Climate Change and Cambodian Agriculture

Overall results could be summarized as following:

  • Journalists discussed on the progress of its saving association and strength/weakness/opportunity/threat.
  • Journalists understand more on the concept of saving for self-reliant
  • Journalists understand better the challenges of climate change and its impact on Cambodian agriculture, the climate resilience agricultural techniques, the water management, the sustainable water resource use and the usefulness of bio-digester program
  • Journalist gained more knowledge on these topics so that their writings could bring more light for the public
  • More trust and solidarity spirit generated among all participants

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