13th National Culture Day

Performance groups from all provinces present themselves on the stage

On 03 March 2011, the 13th National Cultural Day was organized at Chaktomuk Convention Center, Phnom Penh. It was presided over by Prime Minister Hun Sen. The first participants arrived at 7:00am, followed by Dignitaries and VIP guests until 8:00am. The Prime Minister and his wife, Bun Rany, arrived at 8:20am sharp as scheduled. The official opening ceremony began with the national anthem, just afterwards.

The convention hall was overcrowded. Cultural groups from all provinces were asked to show their short performance and presented on the stage. In the last nine months, many cultural groups contested in their respective province, before 48 groups were selected to the national level. The winner will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze price.

Cultural performance group from Ba Phnom high school during their performance on the stage

Together with a private donor, CEDAC has been supporting the cultural performance group of Baphnom high school since 2005. The group was initiated by Mr. Va Sarun, Principal, Mr. Sam Nath and other teachers at that school. The group has 28 students/dancers and received the second price. They came to Phnom Penh since 28.02.2011 for the preparation. All the dancer were very proud since they were selected to show their performance among the only three groups on the stage for the audience.

PM Hun Sen and his wife handed over the price to the group representatives

It is important to note that the first National Culture Day was organized in 1999. The Prime Minister took the occasion to urge all cultural performers, dancers, writers, artists etc to improve the quality of their works, to respect intellectual property rights, to protect the national culture against the strong influence of the foreign culture in the IT and globalization age under the main theme of the Day “Everything for the Safety of our Culture”.


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