An Innocent Young Girl Died Because of Carelessness of Others

This morning (06.08.11), I and my wife talked to our neighbor. He is a very friendly guy. He is also from Battambang province, where my wife is coming from. He, usually, is not living in the apartment next door to us, but he uses it as storehouse for his goods, clothes and other things for sale in the market. He comes here just from time to time to prepare his goods and transport it to the market where his wife is selling. To our surprise, he
told us that his nineteen years old daughter died a few days ago in a tragic car accident during her trip to Sihanoukville. This is very sad news since we know her well and she is a very polite and diligent girl.

Bursting into tears, he recalled the day that he lost one of his lovely daughters. At 4:00am on that day, he brought his daughter to meet other friends waiting for a van to bring them to Sihanoukville, in a class trip at the end of the semester. His daughter thanked him and said good-bye to him. Five hours later he got the news that the van carried his daughter and friends from her university got an accident. Two students died instantly, one of them
is his daughter. Several other students were severely injured. The van is damaged beyond repair. The main cause of the accident was that a full load truck had problem with the break. The truck was heading down the hill with full speed and could not stop. The van driver, without knowing that the truck was approaching and had serious problem, he tried to take over other trucks ahead. Just within seconds, the van with full of students was hit and pushed a few hundred meters away. The result is devastating. Many other cars/trucks were also damaged. For our neighbor, he has lost his daughter forever. I feel very
pity with him and his family.

The story is similar to many incidents happened on the roads of Cambodia. Old trucks were allowed to drive around and carry containers/heavy goods across Cambodia, especially along the road # 04, to the sea port. The national road is up and down the hills. When the trucks were technically not checked properly, they could create many deadly troubles for other travelers; some lost their life or got handicapped for life. I hope that this tragedy could provide the painful lesson for us all (as road users) to be careful on the ways. Concerned authorities, police and law enforcement agencies should implement the traffic law effectively to ensure better safety for all.  May her soul find peaceful rest in heaven forever. Our heartfelt condolence to her family.


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