Visiting Gordon Power Station

Hobart, capital of Tasmania

On September 6, 2011, our bus left Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania at 10am. We stopped over to buy some snack for lunch. The landscape is very nice with lake views, forests and mountains. When we left Hobart, it was sunny, but soon it becomes a cloudy and rainy day. Before, there were huge trees around. Later on, it was logged by people. Now, it becomes a national park. Nobody is allowed to cut those trees anymore. Example: one big tree has 109 meter tall and more than 6 meter diameter.

It was a cold and rainy day. We passed by one highest point of the road 651 meter above sea level and annual rainfall is 1900 mm. We arrive at 3:15pm and stay overnight in Paddy Lake Chalet. My impression on the way:

  • rocky mountains
  • eucalyptus forests
  • drinking water catchment area one side and brown water on the other side. The water is clean, just the soil type and the plantation makes the color of the water looks rather black
  • enjoy the trip to see different shapes of mountains, forests, rainy clouds,

Gordon Dam

The Gordon Dam, some information

  • it was built in 1974
  • the engineers had learnt from the dam construction works around the world: Russia, France, Germany, Japan etc and intended to make the best one in Gordon dam. They have enough budgets from the government to do the job
  • an incredible design and construction work: 202 meter underneath, 140 meter high dam, 3 machines of 150 MWH each
  • very beautiful scenery of mountains and reservoirs
  • environment, mitigation of impacts and electricity generation for people use
  • fully automatic, normal working hours, one person works four days/week and three weeks/month; in case of emergency people need to be there.
  • tunnel constructed
  • snow on the top of the mountain, nice view to make pictures
  • world heritage site, people are not allowed to live there and other activities are forbidden
  • first time in my life to have a chance to see such a turbine and power generation motors


One of the three turbines at Gordon power station

Lessons learnt for Cambodia

  • Dams are necessary for generating power needed for economic development of the country
  • Environmental impact assessments needed to be properly done and by independent consultant
  • Development project could be working side by side with minimal damages to environment
  • High tech is now available to build hydro power dam to produce clean energy.

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