Traffic Signs Destroyed

Many traffic signs were destroyed

The national road # 76 from Snuol, Kratie, to Mondulkiri province is newly built using loan from China; constructed by Chinese company. The length of this section is about 125 Km and is one of the best roads of the country. The view along the road, especially surrounded by mountains and valleys, is spectacle. It is the first asphalt road to connect this remote province with the other parts of the country.

The road to Koh Nhek, 90 Km from Mondulkiri provincial town

From 24 to 28.10.2011, I went to Koh Nhek district, 90 Km further from the provincial town, to provide regular trainings for Rice Bank Management Committee. To my surprise along the way between Snuol and Mondulkiri, I have observed that many traffic signs were properly installed and at the same time, they are also destroyed. It is very, very sad and upset to see that stupid people destroy the traffic signs and to collect the iron parts inside, may be to sell it for small money to scavengers. These thefts should be arrested and punish as hard as possible. They destroy public properties in many places, especially along the road in Snuol and Keo Seima districts. They might have done it at night time. This action could cause traffic accidents for travelers (during night time).

Stupid activities caused by stupid people

We stopped to make photos and I have posted it in facebook. I have contacted radio station to spread this sad news and urge the people, local authorities and concerned ministries to take actions.  I wish to see that such stupid activities must be stopped and the wrong doing people must be warned and fined accordingly.


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