One Year as Blogger

On 4 November, 2010, I started to write and posted on my own blog. Its name is trustbuilding. My first blog article however, was written in 2009, after the FNF staff IT communication training in Bangkok. It was posted on NING Platform of our foundation. I have few articles posted on NING. On 3 November 2010, I have read some articles on the blog of Nana, my assistant. I found it quite interesting. After that I search on the web to find blog provider and decided to take I followed the instruction on how to create a blog and have created one the next day.

During this one year period, I have written 74 articles (an average of 6 articles per month). What I have posted are articles relating to my life, my experiences, my training workshops, my trip, my opinion on political issues, reports, tourists destinations etc. I can say that during my travel time, I have observed more my surroundings for my writing purposes. I have used one notebook, just to jot down ideas that came to my mind in form of mind map. I am very happy to have done all these writing stuffs.

My impression after one year:

  • encouraged to write more regularly
  • collecting more new information to write
  • be able to share my thoughts and knowledge to wider audiences
  • practice more self-discipline in writing
  • using it is easy to manage and edit the articles
  • using internet and including visit my own blog more frequently

I strongly hope that articles on my blog would bring some benefits to readers. In average, I noticed that there are around 15 views per day or more than 5,000 views since the beginning. It is also interesting to see what people are searching for on the web. Herewith, I would like to thank my readers and subscribers for your kind moral support. I hope that you are not disappointed after visiting my blog. I will commit to write more in the future and continue to write on my life experience from the Pol Pot regime (1975-79) onwards until the present time.



  1. Congratulations Sophanna. Thi is a wonderful story. It happened to me in a similar way. Keep up the good work.

    • Congratulation, also back to you. Do keep in touch and all the best to you and family. Sophanna

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