My Life, My Choice

Peak Hotel at Sihanoukville, in the early morning hour with the full moon in the background

This morning, I spent one and half hour talking to more than 50 young people during the 5. Youths Camp; organized by Initiative for Change Association (ICA), Citizen Action Net for Social Development (CAN) and with the financial support of FNF and the contribution of participants. The youngest in the group is 16 years old and the oldest one is 27. FNF has been co-financing these camps since the second one, which was organized in Koh Kong province in 2008. The third and the fourth camp were organized in 2009 and in 2010, in Pailin and Siem Reap respectively. The theme for this time, which I like very much, is “My Life, My Choice”. I am working for FNF since many years. The ideal of our foundation is to promote freedom of individual around the world.

The program of the youth camp is colorful. It is designed by the five members organizing committee, in collaboration with ICA and CAN. All committee members are young and do their work on voluntarily basis. No (little) interference from older generation. The objective of the camp is to provide opportunity for these young people, selected through more than 160 applicants, to discuss on the past and future, share life experiences, share stories of decision making, work together in six different workshops (Democracy, Liberalism, Social media network, Proposal development and writing, Keys to success and Self-development), film show and reflection and plenary sessions. The workshop on liberalism was led by Mr. Hak Panharath, an IAF Alumni and it was the most popular workshop since many participants signed in. During the whole workshop, participants worked hard; starting from 7am in the morning and would usually not end till 10pm at night.

I was invited by the organizer to share my study/working experiences and my life, especially concerning important decisions I made in life and its influence. Main points of my presentation are in these two mind map slides.

I observed that all of the participants were very interested in my oral presentation. The original plan was one hour. Due to many questions, the organizer granted me another 30 minutes for providing feedback concerning practical life questions. After the sharing, some participants came to talk to me to learn more or/and asked for contacts address for future reference. I am very happy to have done this session, which I hope, could inspire these young people to work harder, learn harder, make the best decision in own life with all the “freedom” we have in this country.

Containers port at Sihanoukville

The venue of this function at Le Phnom Hotel (Peak Hotel); a lovely, but quiet one located on the small hill opposing the Port of Sihanoukville. There are not many guests staying here. It provides very nice view of the sea, the hills and the port. The weather is quite pleasant with cool wind breath from the northeast direction. We can sleep with open window without having to put air-condition on. In the early morning, I woke up quite early and walked for more than one hour to enjoy the great morning temperature and at the same time doing something good for my health. It was day # 225 of week 49 for this year. Feeling great after these exercises.



  1. PHORN Sophak

    Dear Lok Pu,
    After read your article, I am inspired with discription on ” My Life, My Choice”. However, I didn’t join the program, but I could know that it was the great event. Youth have “freedom” to make thier future by themselves. I am enjoyed to read your articles in this blog. Hope you write more inspirational articles for youth to improve their life. Wish you full of energy and healthy!

    Best Regards,

    • Dear Sophak,

      Great, thank you. Yes, I will write more what comes into my mind and try to make it useful to myself and readers. Have a great day! Sophanna

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