CAN/IAF Annual Meeting 2011

Participants of the annual meeting, 16-18.12.2001

30 CAN/IAF members participated very actively during the two days annual meeting at Pic Nic, Sihanoukville province, from 16-18 December 2011. Eight female were among us. CAN stands for Citizen Action Net for Social Development. IAF is the International Academy for Leadership, a FNF Leadership capacity building program based in Gummersbach, Germany. We did have a great, productive and successful meeting. 15 most active members of the CAN youth team and all the IAF alumni were invited. The objectives of the regular meeting are:
·         to review of the CAN/IAF history since 1998
·         to report and reflects on the achievements in 2011
·         to collectively plan the activities for 2012
·         to develop the long term vision till 2022 and
·         to strengthen our informal network and the solidarity spirit of its members
We had a two full day’s program; with introduction session, film screening, presentations, group discussion; informal gathering, sport and social interaction. On day 1, we focused on self-introduction of participants, introduction to the program, expectation and watching the Pepper-Property-Prosperity film. The film was produced in 2010, symbol of a fruitful cooperation between META Film School and FNF. On the second day, we spent the whole morning reviewing the background and purposes of creating CAN in 1998, reflecting by each participant concerning before and after involving with CAN/IAF and the presentation of achievements in 2011. In the afternoon, time was allocated for two separated group discussion focusing on 2012-2022. In the morning of day 3, all participants spent time to hear and discuss about the results of group works, the activities plan for 2012 and other issues.
Summary of main points raised by participants concerning personal and social benefits after getting involved with CAN/IAF activities:
Before joining CAN
After involving with CAN
Fearful, reluctant to talk in public
Able to talk, ask (critical) question in public
Do not know how to write minutes or report
Know how to write minutes or report, work as freelance consultant
No purpose in life, only short term thinking, learning just for the sake of learning
Gain more knowledge, joined more informal networks, has vision
No facilitation skills
Know myself, able to help myself and help others
Do not know what is a workshop
Positive and critical thinking
Low or no income/salary, no saving
Get higher salary/more stable income, joining many saving groups
Do not understand about volunteer work, work only for money
Work more on voluntary basis, helping others
Know more friends/experts
It is important to note that the first CAN workshop was organized in December 26-28, 1998, in Sihanoukville. CAN received the legal recognition from Ministry of Interior in June 2004. FNF has been providing financial support to CAN on program based activities. Through the work with CAN, FNF can identify and recruit participants to join IAF seminars in Germany. Since 1997, FNF is able to send 66 participants (11 women) to Germany to join 77 IAF seminars. IAF Alumni group has its own logo, own facebook page, T-Shirt and a joint radio program with CAN, Sarika radio and FNF, which is called: “Youth and Freedom”. The program is on air since 2010 and attracts both young and adult listneres.

Results of group discussion: IAF activities planned for 2012

At the end of the workshop, one participant wrote on the evaluation sheet as follows: “trough this meeting, I can learn a lot from experience of senior members and other friends, about how to organize myself and an organization. I have the opportunity to learn and to work with senior members in the future for the benefit of our society”. 

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