Good Morning 2012

Buddhist monks in front of the reflection pool...

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap/Image via Wikipedia

Three days in 2012 have been passed already. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my fellow bloggers Happy New Year 2012, great Success, more Happiness, Prosperity and excellent Health. Since November 2010, I have posted 90 articles on this blog. I have written what comes into my mind and will continue to write more in 2012 as well. So far, my blog has 7 subscribers. Thank you very much for your interest in reading my stories. I would like to welcome any suggestion, comments or recommendation on how I could improve my writing skills. In late 2010, the record showed that my blog has in average 5 views per day. In 2011, it increased to 15 hits per day. The busiest day was September 22, 2011; which has 61 views. Once again thank you. It was more than I expected. Nevertheless, it also encourages me to write more.

Two main factors that encourage me to write more posting on this blog:

  1. With the internet service widely available at home, I have more interest in internet and websites. We pay a monthly fee of 24 U$. It was 30 U$ at the beginning. Few years ago, it would cost more than hundred dollars/month. Normally, I use my free time in the evening or at the weekend to draft and write my articles while at the same time staying close to my family;
  2. I am inspired by Chou Ta-Kuan and his memories, which described in detailed on the glorious history of Angkor. He was a Chinese diplomat who spent nearly a year there in the 12th Century. All the scholars just quote from this only one existing document about Angkor. So,  writing is very important to keep the next generation getting informed on what has happened. I hope my writing could provide some clues to what happened in our country currently.

In 2012, I will commit myself to write at least 3-4 articles/month to post on my blog. I will write more on our activities to post on FNF and CEDAC websites as well.

Flowers from Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne



  1. Thank you very much for your interest and valuable time to read these posts. Have a nice day and kind greetings from Cambodia!


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