Clean City Start from You

Litters just thrown into the waterway - Ang Rokar market in Tram Kok district, Takeo province

During my regular cycling tour this morning, I have seen many banners hanging on the “fence” of the Peace Palace, which is served as the Office of the Prime Minister and venue for International Conference. Those banners address the issues of clean environment and clean city and the responsibility of each citizen to contribute to make this objective happened. Some banners stated: “Clean City Start from You”, All for Clean City, Clean City for All”, “Clean City is Tourists First Choice” and “Clean City: Green Path for Sustainability of Urban Tourism Development”. The slogans are good and may be true, but how to implement it, is more important? Or it takes time and courage to do it, started from you, your family, your own house, your organization, your community or your area of responsibility, your friends etc.

How can this kind of things happened? Where are the market managers, where are environment officers and where are the responsible citizens of this country?

We can observe in today Cambodia; that most Cambodians, both rural or urban, rich and poor, young or old; are little aware of the environment (protection) and waste management. People just throw litter/garbage where they produced. They would like to get rid of it immediately. It does not matter if it is on the streets, from the car’s window, into the waterway, in the parks or into the sewage canals.  It causes harm to the environment, pollute the surroundings (water, air etc), create health problems and it looks nasty along the roads and villages. Especially, when you come to area closer to the markets and urban areas, you can see piles of garbage lying everywhere. It is disturbing and a shame at the same time.

Do these people, who have thrown all these waste here have no human brains?

It is such a bad behavior, which needed to be addressed at every level. The Ministry of Tourism has started the campaign “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service” several years ago. Even the Prime Minister talked about sound waste management in the public spaces and urge people to keep litters in the bins during the Inauguration of the second “Skybridge” on 06.01.12. in Phnom Penh.

If everybody cleans the street in front of his own house, the whole city would be clean

Authority started to fine people who do not comply with the regulation imposed by the inter-ministerial “Prakas” on environmental protection. In some provinces and along the beaches, volunteers, NGOsand provincial authorities started the campaign to clean the city to raise awareness and set example for other people.

PM launched the Clean City Contest recently

Some TV programs start awareness raising program to educate people. Some private companies also started to encourage less plastic bags and and…The Ministry of Education needs to introduce program to educate kids from the very early ages concerning proper behavior and how to love, to preserve and to protect our environment in the long run.

When could the problem of solid waste management be solved?



  1. Kok Tha

    Dear Pu, it is serious and big problem for our environmental cleanliness. I feel that your comments and writing is very strong and so focus on that issue. For me, it is not only the matter of environmental cleanliness, but also the morality, awareness and responsibility of all level.

    • Hi Tha, yes, it is a shameful situation for us all. I think, only around 10% of Cambodians, who behave properly in this regard. However, the trend is increasing and local authorities have started to do more and more now. Cheers, SK

  2. Nice Piece. Could you please Contact me As soon as Possible as I have an idea on what to do with this great write up of yours. You can call me on 012356807


    • Thank you very much for your comment. Are you living in Phnom Penh?

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