The Killing Roads III

During the workshop on March 6, 2012 in Phnom Penh, the Minister of Public Works and Transports reported about increased traffic accidents in Cambodia. The figure is alarming as the table below shows us. Every day, more than five people died because of road accidents, more than number of people died of HIV/AIDS and landmines/UXO. Some years ago, landmines were number one killer, and then followed by HIV/AIDS. The cost of these tragedies of traffic accidents is estimated to about million 200 US$ per year. This is not to mention about the economic and social burdens for the society or families of the victims due to handicapped survivors and their relatives. Some children became orphanages since their parents were dead instantly on the roads.

Victims 2010 2011
Total 10,444
Death 1,816 1,890
 Injury 8,554

The death toll is 4% increased from 2010 to 2011. Most of them died innocently, which is very, very sad. The main causes of the road accidents are more related to human/drivers’ behavior (over speed, careless take over, drunk driving, not respecting the right of others etc) . Cambodia has the population of 14 million. Due to wide scale rehabilitation of the infrastructure such as roads and bridges and improving living standards of the people, Cambodians are able to buy more motorbikes and cars for personal use. There are around 2 millions of vehicles of all types rolling on the streets in Cambodia. The people awareness and the respect of the traffic laws are generally low, which contribute to this man-made tragedy.

What can we do to improve the situation? Some suggestions from a frequent road user:

  • respect the traffic law and the traffic lights,
  • respect the right of other road users according to traffic regulation
  • take over with care
  • drunk, no drive
  • strict implementation of the traffic law against harsh abusers
  • drive patiently
  • take care for own life as well as life of others

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  1. Saroeun

    You may see that 95% of the accidents caused by the human error and this error is related to over speeding (contributes over 50% to accidents), drunk driving (16%), and dangerous overtaking (8%). You have also learn that over 75% cased by motorcycle drivers. Maybe 71% is 15 and 34 years old. The casaulties were predicted that it could reach 3,200 of people killed by road accidents in 2020. It looks scary Bang. Behavior change is needed Bang.

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