CEDAC participated in the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille

Mr. Seng Sophak (far left) and Mr. Yim Boy (second from left) during the presentation of the PUC successful experiences

Marseille and Paris: From 15-22 March, 2012; Mr. Khim Sophanna, Senior Program Advisor, was invited by GRET and IRAM to participate in the 6th World Water Forum (WWF), the Alternative Water Forum in Marseille and the final workshop of the ASIrri project (Projet d’Appui aux Irrigants et aux Services pour les Irrigants Cambodge – HaïtiMali) in Paris, France. Asirri is a partnership between organizations from the North; IRAM, GRET and AVSF, and the South Faranfasi so, CEDAC, CUDES, CROSE and FONHADI. The project is financed by AFD (Fisong), from January 2009 to June 2012. The Cambodian component of ASIrri Project has also received additional funds from the EU food facility program (January 2010 to September 2011).

From Cambodia, four delegates participated in these events, including Mr. Seng Sophak, ISC Director; Ms. Kan Sokkanhnha, ISC Finance Service Manager and Mr. Yim Boy, Chairman of the Farmer and Water Net (FWN) and President of the Prey Nup Polder Users Communities (PUC), from Preah Sihanouk province. In the WWF, Mr. Yim Boy was invited as farmer representative to present the successful experiences of the PUC in Prey Nup and Mr. Seng Sophak helped him in translation work. The 6th WWF took place in Marseille from 12-17 March 2012. The official WWF was sponsored by the French government and costs about 46 million Euro, while the alternative was organized by civil society and people’s organizations and it was financed by own contribution. During their stay in Marseille, Mr. Khim Sophanna and the team, got the opportunity to visit the Manosque irrigation scheme, in southern France.

I and Mr. Yim Boy during the visit to Manosque Irrigation Scheme, in southern France

In Paris, the Cambodian delegates participated in the three days ASIrri final workshop, with other four delegates from Mali, two from Haiti, representatives of GRET, IRAM and AVSF. The aims of the workshop were to present, to discuss and to capitalize the project’s results among the project’s partners and other stakeholders. At the last day of the workshop, the results were presented to AFD and other donors, NGOs, universities, research institutes and field practitioners for more feedback and comments. The visit was financed by AFD through IRAM and the ASIrri project.



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