New Years Tragedy for Many People

Every year, many people died and injured because of traffic accidents during the Khmer New Year in Cambodia and Songkran in Thailand. This year, though the figures might go down, but there were still 165 cases of roads accidents nationwide. It caused 48 deaths and 344 injuries during the period from 12-16 April 2012. In 2011, there were 211 reported traffic accidents, resulting in 58 deaths and 484 total injuries. It happened also because most of the people, from wherever they are living, were traveling to their home villages for joint celebration among family members. Recently, Phnom Penh and other towns become quiet cities during New Year. Traffic jams did not happen in Phnom Penh, but occurred in different tourists locations and resorts, due to improved roads infrastructure.

Main causes for accidents are: 50% over-speeding, 13% drunk driving, 10% dangerous takeover, 10% not respecting priority of other travelers, 8% not keeping right etc.

In Thailand, the situation was even worst. During the Songkran, there were 2,872 cases of accidents causing 282 deaths and 3,059 injuries.For many people, the new year celebration turned into funeral ceremony; which is very, very sad for the victims and their families.


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