Nuon Chea: a World Class and shameless Liar

5 December 2011

5 December 2011 (Photo credit: Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia)

I am fed up to read nonsense articles in the newspapers or heard his baseless responses during the ECC trial. Nuon Chea, 84 years old, is believed to be Brother Number 2, after Pol Pot. I think, we should not spend a lot of money and time to trial these people. There are more than enough evidences against them. They should get hanged and gunned down immediately. From nature, I hate violence. But, as one of the survivors of his horror regime in the 20th Century (17 April 1975-6 January 1979), these people deserve nasty death.

Nuon Chea often said: “I had done nothing wrong”, “I am a patriot”, “my subordinates might have done something wrong” or “not following orders from the higher level”, “I have not forbidden Buddhism or other religions during Democratic Kampuchea’s period”, ”my regime did not kill people”, “the Vietnamese or the Youn did kill Cambodians”, “I did not know Duch, Duch is a liar”, “the Khmer Rouge were the one who save Cambodia from Vietnam” etc.

During his regime, when they wanted to bring people or “Angkar’s enemy” to be killed, they invited them “for meeting”, “relocation”, “change of work stations”, “tov rean sotr-or go to re-educated camp” etc. Together with Pol Pot, who died on 15 April 1998, their regime was short lived (3 years, 8 months and 20 days) and its rule based on constant fears, forced labors, torture and brutal killings. Lie was the most effective method for these ruthless rulers in the 20th century.

What Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary and Ieng Thirith said in the ECC Trial (case 002) now are based on 100% liar principle. Duch, the former chief of the notorious Tuol Sleng prison (S 21), was the only one Khmer Rouge cadre in the ECC, who admitted his wrong doings in the past, apologized to his victims in the public, burst-ed into tears while visiting the Killing Fields in Cheung Ek, showing his regret to what he had done, and was very cooperative with the court. All the other accused, tells only liar stories. Actually, they should be hanged like Saddam Hussein of Iraq or gunned down like Ceausescu of Romania or got killed like Gaddafi of Libya; according to what they had done to own people, own country and the world.


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