Preliminary Results of the Commune Election 2012

The NEC released the preliminary results of the commune election 2012 as below. There will be debates in the parties, among supporters, among observers, among political analysts etc about this outcome and why. Turnover of voters seems to be less from election to election. It is about 61%, down from 71% in 2007. Some people said that they are fed up with voting since not much change has happened. Some migrate to work in Phnom Penh and elsewhere and are reluctant to spend money just to go back to their village casting their votes.

During last night of the campaign

Out of the 11,459 councilors, the CPP gains 3.62%, the SRP loses 19.98%, FCP loses 41.60%, the NRP loses 87.52% and the LDP loses 100%. The newcomer, the HRP gains 800 commune council‘s positions and have won 18 chiefs of the communes. The SRP lost six communes, especially their commune chief positions in Phnom Penh, having won now 22 communes (2007: 28 communes) while for the FCP and NRP; the outcome proved that their alignment with the CPP could not bring any supporters. For other five small parties, it is time to say goodbye! In 2013, there will be National Election. The Campaign started right now…

My report in German for our foundation:

Commune Election 2012


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