Internet Users in Cambodia

According to the Minister of Telecommunication: eight mobile phone companies are currently providing service to phone users in this country. 28 internet companies are providing different services to 1,689,389 internet users in 2012 (2010: 193,858 users). Besides, 16,214,514 mobile and fixed phone units are being used (15,678,829 mobiles.) Population in Cambodia is estimated at 14.2 million. We can see rapid progress in the recent years, which is contributing to the IT technology and communication across the country and to the world.

I owned my first mobile phone in early 1997. I remembered that in 1995-96, one minute call to Thailand costs U$ 5 and one minute fax costs U$ 6. Now, it costs just very few cents. The future is bright for phone and internet users and it contributes a lot to fast information sending/sharing and  to the economic development of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh Post, 28.05.12


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