How comes that the home village of the NA’s President is in VN’s Territory?

As Cambodian, it hurts me to read this article….What can we do?

Modern Cambodia tried to survive between the two big and powerful neighbors. Some times, we have observed strange stories, strange solutions and strange compromise! Time will tell the truth or you can talk to the people living along the border to find out the truth! I hope that these people now in power will have their decision made for the sake of the nation and the Cambodian people. Peaceful solution is always better than fighting, but why is Cambodia on the “disadvantaged side” again in the 21th century? According to the chief negotiator on border issues, we have not lost anything (sic).

Hun Sen and Vietnam PM Ngeun Tan Djung will inaugurate the border demarcation pillar # 314 to celebrate  the 45th anniversary of the diplomatic relation between the two countries (24 June 1967-24 June 2012). So far, the demarcation works, which started in 2006, has been completed 80% (280 out of 314 of 1,280 km borderline) and will be finished by the end of 2012. The current border was finalized based on the first border treaty signed in the early eighties by Vietnam and the People’s Republic of Kampuchea, shortly after the invasion/liberation by the Vietnamese army to topple the Khmer Rouge regime and the Supplementary Treaty signed in 2005, in Hanoi. These controversial treaties were never discussed or ratified by the Parliament. Critics of the border issues, landed mostly in jails.

Poor President of the Cambodian National Assembly…his home village, where he was born, live and work for weighty years, is suddenly on the Vietnam’s soil

Strange solution….! A national issue, but never discussed in the parliament


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