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It is an open secret about the quality of education system in Cambodia. Everybody knows what the problem is and where to begin? But, somehow, the situation get to nowhere. I completely agree with the opinions raised by the columnist in the article below. It is 100% true. Teachers are important catalysts for change, but they are neglected for long time. In my family, my father was a teacher and my sister now is his successor. I can remember that during the Sihanouk’s area (after independence 1953-1970), my father, as primary school teacher, got enough salary to support my whole family of then seven members. My mother was housewife. At that time teachers did their works with great pride. The education system was one of the best in Southeast Asia. The quality was high. The situation got worst, after the bloody coup in 1970, followed by wars and total destruction, Khmer Rouge regime and killing fields, socialist regime, political instability etc. After 1993, most teachers were hoping that their living conditions will be improved, since peace and Norodom Sihanouk have finally returned to Cambodia. But, since then not much has been changed. Teachers still struggle for their daily life. The prospect for change in the near future looks grim. I have pity with my sister to see, how she works very hard to teach and finds ways to support her family’s end needs.

We can observe that most of the children of the newly rich, high-ranking government’s officials and powerful people are studying abroad or at the most expensive high education institutions in the country. Why do they need to think on how to improve the situation of the state’s schools? We can see also the trend that there are more Dr. titles for many Excellencies, most of them never visited any university in the past; it makes confusion for real students who spend years working for Dr. degree. Some private universities in Phnom Penh were created just to give “fake Dr.”. Thanks to international organizations, charity organizations, private donors and NGOs, who contribute a lot to improve the current schooling situation.  Private sectors contribute also a lot for education system in this country.

Last, but not least; students need to learn, study harder and smarter, not just to be spoiled by surrounding environment of the society. There are plenty of opportunities and great chance to be successful students and citizens, despite all the problems we face. If you do not learn and study hard, you can not just blame the government and other people for your own shortcomings or your failure to get good jobs. Let’s contribute to improving the education in this country by doing what we all can.

Phnom Penh Post, 22.06.12



  1. Pu, I totally appreciate your writing. I really agree on what you have written. I was a bad student, who was spoiled during my highschool period, but I changed and committed sooner after I started my uni. So far, I feel that at least I have contributed a part for improving the youth’s education. Will do more.

    • Great, Tha. You can write your own story to post in your blog. See you soon in Phnom Penh. Students time is good and bad time a like, for most of us. Cheers,

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