Mr. Son Chhay, MP, outspoken critic, does his job in a professional manner (RSK, 28.6.12)

On 19 June, I wrote few comments on the recent historical border deal between Vietnam and Cambodia. Today, I read in the newspaper that PM was asked to explain about that agreement which will change the border lines between the two countries, forever. Many times in the history, after such a deal, we always lost parts of our territory. It makes Cambodia, smaller, and smaller. It makes all of us suspicious about the new deal as well. And if you want to hear the truth, go and talk to the people living along the border. I have made such experience many times, and it hurts me to hear all that bitter stories.

Member of the opposition party, the SRP, is raising the question on the border deal

Somehow, I understand the position of PM to create a final border lines between Cambodia and all its three neighbors: Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. As a small country in term of size, population, economy, military might, geographic location, political backgrounds etc, you could not do much as to find the ways through peaceful negotiations and diplomatic means to make it as clear as possible, once for all time. With Vietnam and Laos, despite all the controversy, the demarcation will go ahead and will be finished in few years. With Thailand, there are still disagreement and the negotiation is still going on. Sometime, the conflicts turn violent, which create mini-war, produce casualties both among civilians and army, ignite instability in the region, build mistrust among the two people, and create trade barriers etc.

I hope that PM is courageous enough to go to the parliament to explain the deal, if nothing to be lost, so that the Cambodian people get better understanding about this hot issue. We just would like to be informed about any bilateral agreement, which will affect our sovereignty and our  people. WE, as normal people and voters, have the utmost rights to get information as we do need. You, as public figure and a country leader, will leave the (bad or good) legacy for the future generations.


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