The seventh official Mourning Day

Live broadcasting today in CNC/CTN

Today, it is the last official mourning day according to the official Directive issued by the Royal Government. In front of the Royal Palace, so many monks and people from all walks of life come to pay their last respects to our late and much beloved King, Norodom Sihanouk. It is expected that around 10,000 monks participated in this special event. Ten of thousands of Cambodians flocked to the Royal Palace from every angle. In the program, there was Buddhist blessing ceremony and 20 minutes meditation. Even our Queen Mother and the King came out of the Palace to join the mass, at around 6pm. I did follow this moving event via live broadcasting by CNC. It was a large sea of people…INCREDIBLE!!!

Our Queen Mother and our King joining the monks and people

Since late afternoon, big raining clouds were hanging over people’s heads. But, it did not harassing them from participating in this traditional and religious ceremony. Yesterday, we got some rains, but people were not reluctant to stay under the rain to be there. It shows how much our beloved former King is loved and respected by his “little people”. The event goes smoothly and no drops of rains fall down to disturb this event, by the time I am writing this article. It is a miracle again: after everything is finished, at around 7:40pm, heavy rains spurred down to earth like hell.

The body of the King will be preserved at least for three months in the Palace before taking for cremation according to the tradition,  next to the Royal Palace. I could imagine: on that Royal Cremation Day, there will be huge crowed again, may be much larger than today or this evening. Thank you God, my fellow countrywomen and countrymen for your solidarity spirit, your courage, your time, your energy and your patience to make these sad days unforgettable for us all.

Seeing this huge popular support of the former King again, the government of PM Hun Sen has declared that 15 October to become  official mourning day and public holiday in 2013, a directive signed yesterday. Today, we heard that PM is re-installing 23 October as public holiday again in 2013, after canceling more than ten years already (It was canceled in 2004/2005. Opposition parties and civil society organizations has been questioning this decision for years). 23 October 1991, was a special day for Cambodia since the Paris Peace Agreement was signed by four warring factions and other eighteen countries. This agreement, by no doubts, contributes to bring peace back to Cambodia, after almost three decades of civil wars and political upheaval. Norodom Sihanouk and PM Hun Sen played important role in bringing this agreement to life, with the support of the UN and the Super Powers. Their first ever meeting was on 2 December 1987 in a small town close to Paris. It is a victory of the “truth” and Long Live 23 October!

In remembrance to His Majesty, the King for his long-lasting love for Cambodia, please hear his famous song at:


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