Two Years Blogging

On November 4th, 2010, I started to write my first blog’s article to greet fellow bloggers around the world. I had little ideas on what to write or what to keep my blog interesting for myself and/or possible readers. I just jotted down ideas and what I have in mind, and have written article by article during my free time, especially in the evening or during the weekend. My objectives are still to keep records of my life, my opinion and experiences for me and sharing purposes.

Since then, two years has been passed. Looking back, it was quite quick. I have written 145 articles and have 21 “followers” and some loyal readers.  My blog got more than fifty “likes” and generate almost 20,000 “hits”. The views have been double from year to year. It is actually not much, but it is much more than expected. It is also amazing to see what kind of articles and information people are searching for on the web. Sincerely thanks to my readers for your time and patience to read it. I have received positive feedback from several readers and some mails to thank me for that.

Today, I supposed to join the BlogFest Asia 2012 in Siem Reap. But, due to my workload and other commitments, I stay in Phnom Penh. This morning, I did attend also attend the 3rd anniversary of Friends Help Friends Saving Group (FHF), initiated by Citizen Action Net for Social Development’s (CAN) youth team members. I am very proud of their achievements. They started 3 years ago with ten members and U$200 start-up capital. Now they have 70 members (including 22 women) and the generated capital reaches U$44,336.74. It is encouraging to see that young people start to save to help themselves and learn to manage their own life, step by step, in their own saving communities. Around ten youth saving groups have emerged from this little idea in the last three years. CONGRATULATION!

In 2013, I will commit to write at least one article per week, or four per month. My writing areas are still the same. I am going anywhere with my opened eyes as blogger and take some notes for my next article. I do not want to insult anyone in my blog, but I would like to write as much “truth” as possible. We could say, that in our “information technology age, we have more information, but with little substance”. I try to provide more substance in my articles for this and future generations.

Keep in touch and wish you all great journey in this wonderful world!



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