Second Mekong Forum in Hanoi

Participants in the Forum

On 13-14 November 2012, the Second Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy was organized in Melia Hotel, Hanoi, by the Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF), Institute for Water Resource Planning Vietnam (IWRP), M-Power and International Water Management Institute (IWMI). An important aim of the forum is to facilitate open and constructive dialogue on the water, food and energy nexus among representatives from government, industry, financiers, civil society and research institutions etc. The forum was hosted by IWRP and sponsored by the Australian Government through AusAID. The first forum was organized in Phnom Penh in December 2011.

As panelist in the session “Managing dam controversy”

It was a very interactive forum, participated by more than 200 participants from six countries of the Mekong region and many international organizations and other stakeholders. We have 15 sessions for the two days meeting focusing on sustainable dams’ development in the Mekong region, hydro-powergovernance, benefits sharing among concerned countries, the multipurpose uses of dams and researches findings. I have been asked to talk and share my comments in three sessions as panelist concerning fisheries issues, irrigation, hydro-power, managing dam controversy and what could we and donors do better in the water, food and energy link.

Colorful cultural show performed by our host dancers


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