Cycling for Change

At the beginning of 2012, I have defined some objectives relating to what I would like to achieve for my personal life, my family, my works, my exercise program and even my Beer drinking evening. Looking back to what I have written in my notebook and what I have achieved, it is quite encouraging. Thank you, Mr. Sophanna, for this very high commitment.

On the road with Sangkhim

Among other things, I like (and am very satisfy with) my physical exercise program. I did want to have it done five times per week. In total, I have practiced 266 times in these 52 weeks, six times more than targeted. My standard program is 15-20 Km cycling each time or 3 Km walking and 3 Km jogging. It is mostly done in the very early morning, between 4:45-6:15am. It included cycling (90%), walking and jogging, swimming; wherever I went, either in the provinces or abroad. If I could not do it in the morning for whatever reason, I try to compensate in the evening, especially during the weekend. My drinking evening or social events with friends and among family member/relatives at home should go down to two times per week (119 times/52 weeks). Both objectives were reached with my real commitment to the exercise program and limitation to alcoholic consumption. I just have done my regular blood test (two times per year) and was proud to see the result. Also, I have kept my weight in a constant rate, I prefer. I like cycling very much. My bicycle runs quite well and has never made any difficulty to me. I bought my current bicycle on 04 January 2012; soon it will have the first anniversary. It helps me to keep my weight, my body, my mind, my feeling in a very positive manner. I feel strong and was never sick and used almost no medicines, since 2008.

I and my best friend preparing for the next round

I and my best friend preparing for the next round

For 2013, I will keep continuing the same pace: five days per week and two-time drinking/socializing occasions. I am pretty sure, that I will reach my health program’s goals effectively. I can also observe that more and more people now start to ride (sport) bicycle, either alone or in group, a very healthy trend. Every morning, at CAMKO city area, around 20-30 cyclists are practicing there with lots of fun.

To all Friends around the world, a Healthy and Happy New Year 2013!


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