He Leaves Us for Ever

The King and the Queen Mother on the scene

The King and the Queen Mother on the scene

This evening, at 6:35pm after the Sun set, the fire was put (by his wife, Queen Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk and his son, King Norodm Sihamoni) on the death body of our late King Norodom Sihanouk. He passed away on 15 October, 2012; just 16 days ahead of his full 90th birthday. The ceremony was witnessed by more than 200 international guests including Prime Ministers, Ministers such as Prime Minister of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Representatives of other ASEAN countries; Prime Minister of France, Prince Akishino of Japan; high-ranking officials from China, India,  Korea, Australia, Canada and all ambassadors and foreign diplomats designated to the Kingdom etc.

The Royal Cremation Site

The Royal Cremation Site

Thousands of Cambodian political, business and social Elites including members of the Royal families, Senators, MPs, government officials, invited guests of honors were also at the site. The people of Phnom Penh and across Cambodia were either directly close to the scenes or follow the live broadcast by TV/radios. Unfortunately, due to strict security reasons many ordinary Cambodians were not allowed to go inside the cremation compound. Again, I have not seen, at least on the TV screens, politicians from the opposition parties at all.

I and my family members followed this first class cremation ceremony on TV. It was once again a sad event for the whole nation. Some photos taken from the screen of my TV set are posted here. Before he died, he composed one (now famous) song titled “Good Bye Cambodia” and has left a written request stated that “after he died, he wished to be cremated the next day (knowing that Cambodia is not that rich to keep his body for too long per tradition)”.

Canon fire to mark the begin of the royal cremation time

Canons fire to mark the begin of the royal cremation time

But, the government and the people of Cambodia know quite well what were his achievements for the nation and we all have done our best to have his funeral ceremonies celebrated in a very dignified manner.

We wish His Majesty, the Former King of Cambodia, Good Rest in Peace for Ever.

The fire is set...bye, bye....

The fire is set…bye, bye….


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