Looking ahead into the Future

Nice view from my balcony

Nice view from my balcony

From 11-13 February 2013, the MMC Team of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has met to discuss about our works in the past years (looking back), present, forward looking and looking into the future. MMC stands for Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia projects. On February 11, we left Bangkok at 9:15 am by two mini-vans and arrived there at 11:45am. The Belle Villa is a resort built next to several small hills in the national park of Khao Yai. It has a nice view and we felt that we live quite close to nature and it was quite pleasant though it was a bit hot during the day. The resort is beautifully designed and equipped with modern facilities such as conference room, spar and large swimming pool. One small stream has water flowing gently.

Presenting our plan to the team members as newspaper's Frontpage

Presenting our plan to the team members as newspaper’s Frontpage

I have used this opportunity to exercise in the early morning of the next day. I woke up at 5am and walked fast for one hour and thirty minutes, till 6:30am. It was very nice to hear early birds singing and you could feel fresh breeze of the morning wind. I have kept my commitment by bringing along my sport shoes and practiced my exercise program during the trip. It is day number 33 of the week # 7. My plan is to have it done at least five times per week. After the workshop, I swam for one hour with our colleagues. The last day, I spent one hour in the morning again for my walking program.

Works and pleasure at the same time

Works and pleasure at the same time

We spent three days and two nights in the compound with the aims to reflect about our works, to think for the future and to build up a strong team for the next three years, 2014-2016. We have ten staff, including our project director and we are accompanied by our facilitator; all in all we are eleven people (of whom three are men). In addition to the content program we were able to learn new methodologies of moderation and facilitation such as: PEST (political, economic, social and technological trends) analysis, Boston box, Frontpage, proud and sorry, three truth and one lie (for self-introduction), dancing club, 50 cents and one dollar etc. After the three days together; we have critically looked back our past achievements, analyzed the current (positive and negative) trends, come up with our formulated project objectives, and designated partners, planned activities, indicators, risks and assumptions for the next three years (2014-2016). DSC_0756What I liked the most from this trip are:

  • very nice location and close to nature;
  • three full days with my team colleagues to get to know each other better;
  • some new methods such as three truth and one lie, PEST analysis, Frontpage;
  • friendly discussion among our group members;
  • walking, swimming and relaxing and
  • We have achieved our main aims to collectively define on why, what and how we want to do (things) to contribute in making our respective countries in this region more democratic, developed and peaceful.

We traveled back and arrived in Bangkok safely with feeling of satisfaction and new experiences.

MMC Team in Khao Yai

MMC Team in Khao Yai



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