Cambodia Air Force One

In the United States of America, the President has special planes for official use. Those planes are designed for the comfort and safety of the President during his state visits and official trips in and outside the country. It calls Air Force One and Marine One. The President’s Limousines are also designed to provide full working conditions and safety measures at the same time. During the last ASEAN Summit Meeting in November 2012 in Phnom Penh, all leaders from around the world coming to Cambodia using special Planes; including President Obama, Prime Minister of Japan, Prime Minister of China, Prime Minister of India, President of Korea, Prime Minister of Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, and all ASEAN leaders. The small Phnom Penh International Airport was really a parking lot for Boeing 747, A 330 and other high classes.

Cambodian Air Force One

Cambodia Air Force One

In Cambodia, we did not have such a plane. Recently, the government just purchased a new Airbus 320 to be used by our VVIP and government leaders. It caught us all by surprise. It might not have the special design or safety standard, but it is a privilege for our leaders to fly with this machine while on state’s and official visits in the regions. I do support this idea and it contributes somehow to raise our national pride in the international arena. It looks not good at all as a leader of a sovereign country flying with a commercial airline for a state visit.

Some Cambodians said that “now our leaders have a special plane to use on official trips like many leaders of other countries. Let’s us hope that our leaders are behaving like real statesmen and using their efforts to bring pride, prosperity, real democracy, rule of law, human rights, freedom etc to all Cambodians, as well”.

Article in The Cambodia Daily on 25.02.13 concerning the plane

Article in The Cambodia Daily on 25.02.13 concerning the plane


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