Human Errors destroy countless Life of Innocent People

I am not very keen in writing this article, but it needs all our attention to be careful. In the first three months of 2013, there was fatal traffic accidents recorded on the Cambodian roads. According to road safety authority following record has been released:

  • 1,163 cases happened, almost 23 accidents/day
  • 540 people died, exactly 6 people died in the last 90 days between January 1 to March 31, 2013
  • 2, 897 persons injured, about 32 persons/day
  • 1,205 motorbikes damaged, around 13 bikes/day
  • 478 cars damaged, about 5 cars/day
  • 157 trucks and 190 other vehicles damaged

As reasons for those accidents, following flaws were identified:

  • 45% over speeding
  • 15% not respecting priority of other road users
  • 13% drunk driving
  • 10% dangerous taking over
  • 6% not respecting right hand lane
  • 5% turning without proper assessment
  • 6% including vehicle’s technical problem, road conditions, overloading etc (Koh Santipheap Daily, 04.04.13)
We can imagine: if one tire is broken during the trip, what would happen?

We can imagine: if one tire is broken during the trip, what would happen?

So what could we do to help solving the problem and avoiding it from happening. It is alarming since road accident is number one killer in this country. It caused PM to announce the road safety campaign: “Today and tomorrow, there will be no traffic accident”. It is good, but certainly not enough to cope with the problem. Big awareness campaigns in schools, in mass media and strong traffic law enforcement could help to ease the situation. High ranking officials, powerful and rich people should act as role model, not like “road gangster” as some of them are now.

Bon voyage!

Bon voyage!

One other major problem is the issuing the driving licenses and corrupt practices involved. Just as an example: I took my driving class in 1996. At that time I did need to pay U$55 for the driving lessons and practices. The course was mainly focused on how to drive rather than basic traffic rules. Basic rules were offered on Sunday morning, but it was not enough. Luckily, I have one driving lesson book from Germany and I educated myself with the book. Before the final exam, the driving teacher asked me if I pay U$10 more, I did not need to go to exam and I will get my driving license immediately. But, I did go to exam, not because I did not have U$10 to pay for it; but because I wanted to see how the exam looks like. It was easy for me since I have learned all lessons by myself. But, I observed that other students who could not answer the quiz, they just paid some money, then people overseeing the exam could give them the right answer, on the spot. After going through all the process by myself, I did not wonder why people are driving so crazy on our roads. They just did not know how to drive properly, except by all means: FORWARD.

The children seem to be very happy and wish them a safe trip....

The children seem to be very happy and wish them a safe trip….

I heard that the corrupt practice is still more or less the same; just the price for driving lessons is getting higher. Now, people need to pay U$180-190 for the driving class. But, there is possibility to get the driving permission card without even going to a driving school. You can just buy it. Everything is possible in the Kingdom of Wonder. In Germany, one should pay between 2,000-3,000 Euros to learn driving and pass the hardest test to get the license.


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