Europe on a Bicycle

It is about to start

It is about to start at Independence Monument

Phnom Penh, 05 May 2013: This event (Touring Phnom Penh by bicycle or cyclo with the European Union) was organized by the European Delegation to the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Khmer Youth Association. The motto is “greener, safer and better”. The aim is mainly to raise awareness of cycling in the city and bringing EU to the attention of Cambodian people. It attracts hundreds of cyclists to join this wonderful awareness raising tour. It was led by the EU Ambassador , Mr. Jean-Francois Cautain and his spouse, officials of the embassies of European countries, and many, many (mainly young) Cambodians. The announcement was shared by facebook users and I was delighted to join and have set my schedule accordingly.


The registration started since very early morning and the trip was kicked off by the EU Ambassador at 7:30am. The group was led by two police motorcades with the support of other police on duties along the way. It was a pleasant morning, very sunny, but not that hot. I have met some friends who come to join as well. The trip passed by the representation of Spain, the embassy of Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom and France. The final goal is the compound of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, with 15 minutes stops over at the UK Embassy.

On the road

On the road at the Russian Federation Bldv

My impression of the tour:

  • Many participants came to join the tour, more than I have expected. About 5% are foreigners;
  • We have fun riding along part of the streets keeping free for us;
  • We have opportunities to help raising awareness to our countrymen, concerning riding bicycle in city;
  • EU Quiz was distributed for participants to answer;
  • It was a short trip, but meaningful endeavor and it should be continued on regular basis;
  • The city planners need to think and develop walking and cycling paths in the future.
    With EU Ambassador and his spouse upon arrival at RUPP

    With EU Ambassador and his spouse upon arrival at RUPP

    Article in the Cambodia Daily on the next day

    Article in the Cambodia Daily on the next day



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