My First Experience with Airbus 380

This giant bird will be my home in the next 10:40mn

This giant bird will be my home in the next 10:40mn-At Frankfurt/M International Airport

On the way back home from Frankfurt on 03 July 2013, I got the opportunity to fly with A 380, the largest passenger plane in the world. It is operated by Thai Airways International. I was happy to have experience with this first fly. A 380 was put into operation few years ago and TG has now four aircraft of this class. It has two floors and could accommodate more than 500 passengers on board. I am fascinating with flying. When I was young, my dream was just to become a pilot, nothing else.

In the cabin

In the cabin

My impressions of the trip and the plane:

  • It took about one minute for the plane to take off with the ground speed of 280 Km/h
  • On top of the rear, it has a camera and our passenger could follow and see what is in front of the plane and how it flies
  • I was sitting in the Economy Class, but it seems that we would have larger space with larger window and larger TV/Video screen. Everything in the cabin is with the latest technology
  • Total distance to Bangkok is about 9,619 Km and it took us 10:40 mn to reach the destination
  • At one stage, we flew at the attitude of 11,887 Km with ground speed of 996 Km/h. Amazing feeling how this big iron bird could fly so fast
  • During take-off and landing, I still could not believe that this large aircraft could do it easily. It is amazing to testify what kind of things on earth human brains could create, just wonderful!

DSC04946We arrived safely in Bangkok on time, thanks to the hospitality and high expertise of the TG crew. I will manage to fly with this big aircraft again next time. From Bangkok to Phnom Penh, we flew with Boeing 737-400 and I have the feeling how small it is.


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