My Pleasant Experience with Philippine Airlines

With Airbus A330-300 to Manila

With Airbus A330-300 to Manila

PAL stands for Philippine Airlines. But some would say PAL is well known as “Philippines Always Late”. My travel agency booked the return connection flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh with a time frame of more than five hours, though I could take a shorter period for transfer. When asked why, he refers to the inconvenience or unreliability of PAL.

But, my trip to Manila proofed that it was quite wrong. My trip to Manila on 08 November, 2013, was well-arranged: smooth check-in, with Airbus A330-400 plane arrived on time from Manila, plenty of time for boarding, and arrived in Manila ten minutes ahead of schedule. The catering on board was also more than sufficient: hot meal, red wine and one cool SMB. On the way back from Manila, it was the same experience concerning time of departure and arrival time, with a new Boeing B777-300. The flight took two hours and forty-five minutes.

With Boeing B777-300 from Manila to Bangkok

With Boeing B777-300 from Manila to Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok, again fifteen minutes, ahead of schedule. But, I observed that the security check was not that serious like in other airports such as in Europe or even in Phnom Penh or in Thailand. I took my 330 ml bottle water with me and it could get through. No need to take the lap-top out of the bag, no need to take out the belt and the shoes etc; which are quite common in other airports’ security checks. Maybe our Philippines’ friends are “easy-going people” and do not want that their checking procedures could cause inconvenience to passengers. However, we should not compromise in term of safety and security, I think.

IMG_0525However, the flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, with Bangkok Airways, was delayed for one hour due to technical reasons or late arrival of coming aircraft, which is quite common with PG. But, I still like flying with this airline because of friendly services and excellent catering on board. For a one hour flight between Phnom Penh and Bangkok, we could have hot meal, plus coffee/tea/soft drinks/beer or/and wine (fifty minutes fly). Among other airlines flying to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Bangkok Airways is to my opinion, one of the best in term of catering services.


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