Unforgettable Experiences in the Philippines

IMG_0844Since 1998, I have paid official working visits this country several times. I got the opportunity to visit the capital and some parts of the country. The weather and the climate is similar to Cambodia, the difference is that when there is storm and typhoon in the Philippines, there will be good rains in Cambodia.

A view from the window of my room in Manila Hotel

A view from the window of my room in Manila Hotel

So far, I only have very good experience and never encountered any unpleasant surprise. The people are very friendly, easy-going, arts and performance loving and enjoy their life despite all the hardship caused by natural and/or man-made disaster.

Somehow, I have strong memorial connections to this country, the Philippines: 1. I had created my first ever email’s account in Hotmail in 1998 here; 2. I got the first touch with the Digital Camera, in 2000; 3. I had the most memorial dinner in 2008 and participated in a Whisky workshop, in 2008 and 2013 respectively; 4. I ate the biggest crab I have encountered so far; 5. Of course the unique ride with the local Jeepny etc. Any program, either official or private, was organized in a perfect manner and with great hospitality. The Filipinos are really masters in taking care of their invited guests. Life is wonderful!

With the beauty of the Philippines

With the beauty of the Philippines

No risks, no change

No risks, no change

However, what I could observe during my short stay here is the wide gap between the rich and the poor. In Manila, you could high-rise buildings such as in Makati City and beautiful avenues along the Bay, but you could see also slum areas in the middle of the city. The traffic in the city is rather chaotic due to high number of vehicles and people living in the city. Though, it more or less in all Asian big cities due to lack of proper city’s planning and public transport systems.



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