The State of the Union is Strong

Obama was addressing the State of the Union in the House of Chamber.

Obama was addressing the State of the Union in the House of Chamber.

This morning, I have spent sometime listening to in full length the speech of President Barak Obama at the House of Chamber. It was broadcast-ed live in CNN. Obama spent more than one hour giving a solid, powerful, positive and very encouraging speech. My impression of the speech:

  • He is world leader in rhetoric and words selection
  • He has built up strong sentences
  • He did not even look to his notes
  • Many times, people were standing up and gave long applauds to him. The longest one was devoted to the wounded veteran of the Afghan’ s war
  • He praised the American strong economy and America as world leader in number of areas
  • He has not spoken any nonsense
  • He deserved to be a strong leader when he said: “As chief of the executives I intend to lead by example”
  • He praised women’s role in the society and the first lady
  • He praised American’s diplomacy led by principle and democratic ideals
  • He raised the support to any fight for human rights, democracy around the world
  • He praised hard work, freedom and responsibility of Americans: Citizen means standing for own rights and duties to serve the country
  • He asked the business leaders to raise wages for their workers
  • He praised America as place for investment now, not China
  • He stands firm to fight against dictatorship, terrorism around the world
  • He has sense of humor

Looking the quality of his speech and comparing back home, I think our leaders still have a lot of home works to do so that one day Cambodia could have leaders who could deliver very powerful and inspiring speech like this. Not only powerful speech, but we do need powerful action to serve the nation, not own (pockets) interests.


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