Monthly Archives: June, 2011

15 Years Working to Promote Freedom in Cambodia: 1996-2011

15 June 2011, it is a special day which marks 15 years of my involvement with the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), Cambodia project. I came back from Germany to Cambodia in early April 1996 and got the job with the foundation in June. Brief background on how I entered the foundation? I got …

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The Killing Roads II

According to the data provided by the General Department of Transports, during a road safety workshop in Phnom Penh, on 31 May 2011, in Cambodiana Hotel Phnom Penh; in 2010, 5 people died and 54 persons were injured everyday on the roads in Cambodia. 1, 6 million vehicles are officially registered (Kampuchea Thmei, 1 June 2011, page: A5). …

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