Missions & Surveys

Road in Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Road in Ratanakiri, Cambodia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. March 2000: Mid-term Evaluation of the Polders Rehabilitation and management transfer project in Prey Nup, Sihanoukville with Jean-Philippe Fontenelle, Group de Recherche et D’Échanges Technologiques (GRET), (Financed by AFD)
  2. April-May 2000: Complementary study on Stung Chinit Scheme rehabilitation and management transfer, Kampong Thom province in the team of institutional development with Jean-Philippe Fontenelle, GRET Paris (Financed by AFD)
  3. June-2000: Evaluation of the Srey Santhor Prek rehabilitation project, Kampong Cham province, with Jean-Philippe Fontenelle, GRET Paris (Financed by F3E, ISF)
  4. May and December 2001: Feasibility study of Stung Chikreng irrigation scheme
    rehabilitation and management transfer project with Jean-Philippe Fontenelle,
    GRET Paris (Financed by AFD)
  5. March-April 2002: Study on “Autonomization Process” in Cambodia with Nathalie Gauthier, GRET Paris (Financed by F3E)
  6. November 2002-March 2003: Feasibility Study on Rubber Planter’s Association in Kampong Cham, with Daniel NEU, GRET Paris, (Financed by AFD)
  7. November 2003: Organizational Assessment of NTFP NGO (Non-Timber Forset Product) in Ratanakiri. Conducted in collaboration with Mr. Tri Budiardjo from Indonesia, commissioned by donors of NTFP
  8. August 2003-November 2004: CEDAC Team leader in Research on “Rice and Seed Banks”, Lessons Learned from Cambodia, (Financed by GTZ/FSNPSP, WVC, WFP)
  9. 2009: Study on Inventory of Irrigation Schemes in Cambodia (M-Power
  10. 2012: Ex-Post Evaluation of the AFD Project (CKH-6002)
  11. 2012: Study on water interventions for improving smallholders farming and rural livelihoods in Cambodia, (FAO-IFAD).

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