Cycling for Freedom Team (CFT)

The first CFT Tour on June 15, 2013

The first CFT Tour with six people to kick off

CFT was created in June last year (2013) by a group of Cambodians, who like to ride bicycle with my own initiative and under my supervision. The basic aim is to have a group of people, who like cycling for own health, who like to do something together, who have time at least once a month for cycling in team, and who inspired by collective action to raise awareness for the betterment of our society…..

What have we done so far?

  • Defined the logo and the T-shirt collectively
  • Agreed on name “Cycling for Freedom” or CFT
  • Agreed to have joint cycling at least once a month
  • Have done nine tours out of ten months since June 2013: almost once a month
  • Have created FB group page with more than 82 members now
  • Have done a long distance cycling from Phnom Penh to Takeo province (two days with about 180K)
  • Have regular reflection meeting after each ride and agreed on plan for action in 2014
  • Have developed a core group between 7-15 members for the ride
  • Have networks with other cycling teams
CFT # 08 on 28.12.13

CFT # 08 on 28.12.13 at Koh Dach

What next?

  • Ride together at least once a month
  • Riding to raise awareness on many issues affecting our society
  • Trying to attract more cyclists to join us
  • Cycling around the Tonle Sap Lake by the end of the year (More than 800K)
  • One day create a big event with thousands of Cyclists riding for changes

    Together with other group members today

    Together with other group members today


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