Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Facebook Users in Cambodia

I started to get in touch with Facebook in 2009 in Bangkok during FNF staff training on IT tools to promote freedom across the region (video clips, facebook, blogs, podcast etc). When my colleagues from the Philippines and Indonesia talked about facebook and blog, I felt strange to hear that. Several months later, I become …

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Europe on a Bicycle

Phnom Penh, 05 May 2013: This event (Touring Phnom Penh by bicycle or cyclo with the European Union) was organized by the European Delegation to the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Khmer Youth Association. The motto is “greener, safer and better”. The aim is mainly to raise awareness of cycling in the city and bringing EU …

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Heads of Phnom Penh Municipality since 1941

Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, was founded more than 700 years ago. It has now around 2 million inhabitants and has more than 700 km². Between 1941 and 1970 Phnom Penh was governed by Nhek Tiulong (father of Tiulong Saumura, MP of the Sam Rainsy Party and Sam Rainsy’s wife), Tep Phan, Un Tromuch and …

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