My Second Trip with A380

In the cabine

In the cabine

On the way from Bangkok to Frankfurt yesterday night, I was traveling again with Thai Airways using Airbus A380 again. It was amazing time again. I observed that many people tried to make photo of the plane from our waiting counter. It seems that still many people are admiring this biggest passenger’s plane in the world. I was also exciting, but not that much as my first time, when it was in July during my return trip from Frankfurt to Phnom Penh via Bangkok.

Flight info

Flight info

The plane was at least 80% full. I was sitting in seat 52K, next to the window and directly on this huge wing. I could hardly see what is below me. I was preparing for a long trip. It will take 11 hours and 45 minutes. The ship, at its peak time, was flying 12,192 meter above sea level and around 850Kmh.

Amazing creature: what next with human brain?

Amazing creature: what next with human brain?

I took half of a sleeping pill, the first time in my life, with the intention to have some rest or a good sleep, knowing that I could never sleep in such a crowded environment with little noise of the machine. I must say that this giant bird makes less noise than other prototype. We arrived on time and everything went smoothly. Thanks to our human brain, which could make such a big thing flying safely none stop to a destination almost 10,000K from its departure airport. I will go back in twelve days with this plane again. Bye for now.


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