About Me

Name: Khim Sophanna

Sex: Male

Marital status: Married

Education: 1984: Bac II at Bak Touk high school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; 1992: M.A. in Political Sciences from the University of Leipzig, Germany

Occupation: Program Manager, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, Cambodia’s Office since June 15, 1996 and Senior Program Advisor, Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC) since August 1, 1997.

Area of expertises: Democracy and good governance, Practical leadership and management, Farmer and Water User Communities (FWUC), Rice banks, Organization Development, Rubbers planters associations, Community management, Research, Feasibility study and evaluation, Facilitation skills etc.  

Languages: Mother tongue in Khmer, very good in German and English, fair in French and Thai 

Hobbies: Travelling, reading, writing, drinking, walking, jogging, cycling, networking and socializing, listening to music and news, watching documentary film and many other things

Religion: Buddhism

Political standpoint: Liberal

Business: Non-profit organizations

Character traits: Quiet, trustworthy, little greed, loyal and lots of love



  1. Boren

    I like reading you block. Could you pls mention more about Vientaine Capital comparing to P.Penh, Siem Reap and Battambang. I would to know more about Laos. Thanks

    • Oh, great, thank you for spending time to read my blog. Yes, Vientiane is a small city comparable to Battambang. But, the city is located along the Mekong river, which is quite nice. Still a quiet city, quiet streets and people are more relax. Cheers, Sophanna

  2. James leong

    Hi Khim, James Leong here from Penang, Malaysia. I’ll be in Phnom Penh on 7th to 9th May and then 13th to 14th May 12. In between I’ll be in Siem Reap with my wife for sightseeing. If you happen to be free in PP during those days, it would be our pleasure to meet up with you. Thank you!

    • Hi James, I think we can make it this time. From 6-11.05. I will be in New Dehli, India. But, I will be back to Phnom Penh on 12.05.12. My best wishes to you and your wife. Sophanna

      • James leong

        Thanks Khim. All the best to you!

  3. Andre Barthoulot

    Hi Sophanna,
    I have been in Combodia now for 1 year and 5 months and I am learning the khmer language.
    I am looking to be a volunteer in a NGO which work in irrigation system but I am really interested to learn more about the small irrigation system for local farmers in order to work in the future for the local farmers.
    Do you know a place where I can be a volunteer for 6 months or more?
    I am a technician and have a good experience in mechanic system. It is for me a long term commitment.

    André Barthoulot
    Technical consultant
    WEC International

    • Dear Andre, thank you very much for your comment, interest in irrigation issues and request. You can call me via 012-80 54 54. May be you can help us in the Irrigation Service Center (ISC), which was created in 2011 and I am the Chairman of the management board. We can talk more on the phone. Sophanna

  4. hello… Nice & good Job. I like your blog. I hope you mention about airport and transport in cambodia. I would to know more about people in Laos. Difficult to get the news about Cambodia in English Language…friendship greetings from me. Thanks

    • Hi Zaman, thank you for your time to read some articles in my blog and your feedback. I will try to bring more news to you as suggested. Have a great day, Sophanna

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